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Frequently Asked Questions

We have created the following answers to questions we receive regularly. We hope they will help you plan and organize your visit.

If you can’t find the answer to what you need, don’t hesitate to contact the team at 973 053 022 or email [email protected]

  • Location of the center and how to get there

    The Parc Astronòmic del Montsec (PAM) is located in the municipality of Àger (la Noguera), at a distance of 3.5 km from the urban core, next to the road that leads to the Ares pass.

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  • What are the telephone service hours and what are the in-person customer service hours?

    The telephone service hours are from Monday to Friday 09:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Contact telephone: 973 053 022

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  • Is there a lost property office?

    To deposit or request information about lost objects, it must be done directly at the reception of the center, or send an email to [email protected] or by phone on 973 053 022.

  • Can the center be accessed by public transport?

    No, only by private vehicle or arranged buses.

  • Are reservations made by phone or email?

    The telephone is used only to give information and reservations by email are made for groups of 20 people or more and by entrepreneurs or tourist agencies with which there is an established agreement. Reservations for individuals are made via the web. In addition, groups of 20 people or more also have the option to buy online, as long as they are less than 40.

  • Are there arranged and school visits?

    Yes, to request information and make a reservation, send an email to [email protected]

  • How long does it take to buy or reserve?

    If it is an online purchase, it must be made at least one day before the visit to the Parc.

    If it is a group, it is advisable to make the reservation more than 30 days in advance.

  • Can tickets be purchased directly upon arrival at the center?

    Yes, subject to availability, but it is not the best option as places are limited. Therefore, before arriving at the center without a ticket, it is preferable to call to ask if there is availability of places on the same day of the experience.

  • What is the price of the ticket?

    For information on rates, consult the Rates section of our website.

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  • What discount can be applied and how should they be credited?

    The possible discounts appear in the Rates section of the website. Most of the discounts are individual and must be proven by carrying the physical or digital card.

  • Are gift vouchers made, to be able to give tickets as gifts?

    Gift checks are not issued. Visitors have the possibility to contact collaborating agencies that offer this service.

  • What experiences can be enjoyed at the Parc Astronòmic del Montsec?

    Common experiences:

    • Family or General night experience 2D or 3D
    • Family or General daytime experience

    Unique experiences:

    • A la carte session
    • Concerted visit for 20 people or more
    • Educational visit for schools
    • “The Dark Side of the Moon” of Pink Floyd


    For more information on the content of the experiences, you can consult the Activities section of our website.

  • What is the difference between day and night visit?

    During the daytime and nighttime tours, the Planetarium and the Telescope Park are visited, but the content is different: the daytime tour is for a closer look at one star, our star the Sun, and during the nighttime tours we can see other objects such as the moon, planets, nebulae, galaxies, etc. Also, the projection inside the Planetarium changes.

  • Do the weather conditions affect the development of the visits?

    The visit takes place as normal and if you are unable to do live stargazing, it takes place with quality and with images captured by our telescopes on days of good weather.

  • What is the best time to visit?

    All seasons are good for sky watching. Therefore, the best time is a matter of preference depending on what you want to observe:

    • To see the most starry sky at night it is always better to come when there is no moon in the sky, that is, when there is a new moon, because the nights are darker, or in an advanced waning phase, since the moon goes out very late at night.
    • To see planets will depend on the year and the planet you want to see.
    • To see the moon it is better to come when it is in its waxing phase.

    For more information about this, you can send us an email at [email protected]

  • In what language are the visits made?

    The default language of the visits is Catalan, with the exception of the last session of the night, which is in Spanish. However, audio guides are available in Spanish, French and English to listen to the film shown in the Planetarium, the rest of the visit is in the default language of the session. You can change the language in the following cases:

    • From Catalan to Spanish for daytime visits with prior request by email or phone.
    • You can visit in French or English if it is an à la carte session, an arranged group visit or a school visit.

    Once the session has started, visitors cannot request a change of language.

  • From what age can children come?

    To make the visit with children under ten years old, it is recommended to do the daytime or nighttime family visit, because the contents are adapted to small children.

    However, if parents want to come to the general visit with small children, it is allowed , but it is recommended to leave the room if the child is not comfortable.

  • From what age do children have to pay for tickets?

    From the age of five.

    See rates

  • Are tickets transferable?

    Yes, by email you can request to change the name of the entries.

  • Are returns and date changes made?

    No, the terms of purchase specify that no refunds or date changes are made. In case of illness or force majeure, it is recommended to send an email explaining the situation and the management of the center will evaluate the possible options that can be given.

    Weather conditions are not considered a reason to request a change of date or refund of the ticket price.

  • Can visitors bring telescopes and use them during the sessions?

    No, only the centre’s telescopes are used during the sessions and you cannot access the Telescope Park without prior authorization either.

  • Can photos be taken?

    Yes, as long as it is not used inside the Planetarium or inside the observatories and without disturbing other visitors.

  • Is it possible to access the facilities with a wheelchair?

    Yes, the center is adapted for wheelchair mobility through all the facilities without difficulty.

  • Is there a bar or cafe service?

    No. We have vending machines with snacks and cold drinks.

  • Can it be reached by motorhome? Is there parking? Can you stay overnight?

    The road is suitable for motorhomes and we have parking. It is for the exclusive use of our visitors and overnight stays are not allowed.

  • Can dogs be brought on visits? And other animals?

    Pets are not allowed in the sessions.

  • Is it cold on the tours? Should warm clothes be worn?

    It is recommended to wear a jacket and closed shoes, as it gets cold at night. Even in the spring/summer months.

  • What can be visited in the surroundings?

    To consult the tourist offer of Montsec you can consult

  • What are the recommendations on the mountain?

    We recommend four guidelines for good mountain practices:

    • Collaborate in the selective collection of waste
    • Take care of the environment. Respect flora and fauna
    • Do not light a fire
    • Make good use of the facilities and water

Did you know that the #SerradelMontsec is a declared space Reserve Starlight?